Product photography for brands that want to stand out

Stunning product shots can spark interest and boost your income

Do you know the feeling when you visit a company’s website only to be repelled by the quality of their product photos?
Luckily that’s a problem you can easily avoid. Professional product photography can make a serious difference.

Let´s see a few examples of what we can do for you:

Product Photography on White Background

3 product photos of Hive XL headphones we made for Niceboy company.
They look great on eshops next to gigants like Sony, Bose or Beats.
In detail we emphasised softness of ear pillow and luxorious
silkiness of the surface.
Excellent, but natural look without render-like sterility.

Lifestyle Product Photography

A shot that can tell the whole story

3 photos above show what lifestyle product photography is about.
These are taken from larger photoset we shot for Sencor.
It tells the customer how valuable will the product be
in day to day situations.
How beautifully is designed.
How comfortably fits in hand.
How versatile would be in his kitchen.
We can do the same for you and your product.

Still Life Photography

Are you interested in photos that will star your website, Instagram
and printed promotional materials?
This could be it.
Show your products in beautiful compositions
with carefully selected color palette.
As we did for Orlane Paris.

How does it work?

Order on Our Website:

Use contact form at bottom of this page
or email Describe your product (type, number).
Describe what kind of photos you want and how they will
be used (online, print, what kind of print).
Once you submit your order, we go over,
ask some additional questions (if needed) and send you
a final date and price.
Everything in first step is non-binding, of course.

Send Us Your Products:

Carefully pack your items to avoid any damage and scratches.
Use your favorite courier service to send it to our address
in Prague, Czech Republic. And don’t forget to add
your contact information so that we can confirm
the delivery and know where to send it back
once it’s done.

We Shoot It:

We use the direction provided by you to get as close
to your vision as possible. We digitally retouch the shots.
Once we’re done with that, we send you watermarked
photos for approval.

You Download It:

When you approve the shots, we send you an invoice.
Once that’s paid you get to download those stunning
photos from our Dropbox folder where we keep hosting
them indefinitely.
Specifics usually depend on the type of photos you choose.
We can send you an invoice for the return shipment
or use your courier account.


When photos don’t match the vision outlined in your order, we redo the shots for free.